INSPECTION. Department of Agriculture and Quezon City officials conduct price checks at a market on February 24, 2021. Photo by Darren Langit/Rappler

Unwanted inflation has hounded the Philippines in the past quarters owing to rising food prices driven by a supply shortage. Aside from the strong typhoons that hit the country, the apparent driver of inflation is pork shortage due to the African Swine Fever (ASF). The President tried to address the problem by imposing a price ceiling. To no surprise from any economist, this measure only worsened the inflation problem, creating black markets and promoting unsubstantiated conspiracy theories on pork cartels. Hence, the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) proposed an executive order temporarily lowering tariffs…

Photo by Alberto Giuliani

The Philippines has been experiencing a surge in COVID cases and deaths, pushing many hospitals, especially in Metro Manila, beyond their capacities. A few politicians have also recently contracted the virus, most notably the Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque being admitted at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) even if he is not in critical condition. The incident drew ire from many in social media asking why Roque seems to have jumped the line in the priority list for hospital admissions. Some were sympathetic to Roque, claiming that government leaders need to be prioritized for the functioning of government. So, should government…

Claude Monet (1840–1946), founder of the Impressionist movement

It is of no question that the pandemic has changed our relationship with both time and space. We fill time with the daily activities, and we typically occupy space with whatever object that is of use. The movement of time and our interaction with the space around us, however, seem strange during the pandemic — it is disorienting and bizarre. And as I reflect on how I interact with time and space, I am reminded of Monet and the Impressionist movement. As I gaze and wonder again at Monet’s paintings, it would seem that Monet would have a lot to…

Imahen ng Muling Pagkabuhay sa Simbahang Orthodox ng Banal na Santatlo sa Butte, Montana. Pintado sa Fresco.

Salin ni: Patrick Fernandez

Nawa ang lahat ng maka-Diyos at mangigibig ng Diyos ay magdiwang sa kaningningan ng matagumpay na kapistahan na ito. Nawa ang mga pantas na lingkod ay maligayang makapasok sa kagalakan ng Panginoon. Nawa ang mga nagdala ng pasanin ng Kuwaresma ay matanggap ang kanilang kabayaran, at lahat ng nagpakasakit mula nang unang oras, nawa’y matanggap ang kanilang gantimpala.

Nawa ang sinumang dumating matapos ang ikatlong oras ay malugod sa pakikiisa sa kapistahan, at ang mga dumating matapos ang ika-anim, nawa’y hindi magduda sapagkat walang nawala sa kanila. Nawa ang sinumang nahuli sa ika-siyam na oras ay…

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (photo by Presidential Communications Office)

According to Philippine Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, “[The Philippines] clearly has the best testing policy in the whole of Asia and probably in the whole world.” This statement is entirely false and misleading.

The spokesperson used the raw daily number of tests performed by the country, currently averaging a little above 30,000 tests per day, to support his claim on Philippine COVID-19 testing capacity. The raw number of tests performed, however, is not the best indicator for testing capacity. The use of this indicator to make such claims either shows that Mr. Roque is severely misinformed or is deliberately misinforming…

Patrick Fernandez

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